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Founded in 2021, we're a young design agency that specialises in delivering a high standard of branding and product design services. Our love for aesthetics runs deep through our veins, and we’re continuously learning and adapting as the world continues to question the nature of beauty.

One of our favourite things is creating aesthetic-yet-functional brands and products that bring joy to people, while another is working with clients on projects that truly mean something and bring value to society.

Although our focus is to provide the highest level of service to our partners, we also build in-house, Studio Original projects that aim to benefit the world around us.


We look forward to hearing your story and project ideas so we can collaborate and build something special together, because the world deserves to have it.

A fantastic brand identity for us that perfectly represents what we’re all about. Pleasure to work with you and will definitely request for your services again!

Tanya Stephenson